Patrick Gillis began performing as TL0741 in January 2005, presenting structured improvisations on analogue modular synthesizer and effects combined with pre-recorded material. The sounds of TL0741’s alchemical multiverse arise from everywhere: nocturnal insects, incomprehensible voicemails, obscure antique pornos, treated instruments and decontextualized / processed location recordings. Synthesizers are persistently exploited for drones, unstable automata and inharmonic gestures harnessed from the electrons. By design, no two performances of the same piece are alike. Recordings of these have been the basis of each new CD release or fodder for further manipulation deployed in entirely new material.

Responses to date have included:

“If you want to introduce happy hippie music that is celebrating freedom to the waltz dancers of 19th century Germany, you are going to find many confused faces. The same could happen if the musical explorers of space rock of the seventies could hear TL0741's "Back To Minus", for instance, with vocabulary changed so much it is barely the same language anymore.” -  Oren ben Yosef,

“Large portions of this material were recorded directly onto two tracks during live performances, yet there’s a specific structural design in what we hear, typical example of a mind ready to catch the most infinitesimal signal to transform it into striking figurations coloured by unhinged, often plain amazing timbres.” – Massimo Ricci,

“Regardless of the noise content -- which is quite high at times -- it's the droning space-rock quality that sets this album apart from most excursions into rhythmic noise. Weird and hallucinatory, but highly compelling and recommended.”
RKF, One True Dead Angel,